Patent Search and Analysis

Search and Patentability Analysis

The first step to creating a strong patent is understanding how the invention differs from the prior art.   This involves searching the patent and non-patent literature for relevant disclosures, then analyzing the search results and comparing them to the invention.  Here, our goal is to differentiate the invention from the prior art to the greatest extent possible.  Greater distinctions lead to broader claims and more property.  Chadeayne LLC advises inventors on the most effective way to describe the invention by determining the best opportunities for distinguishing it from the prior art.

Search of the Prior Art

Chadeayne LLC works with a variety of search firms to scour the patent and non-patent literature for relevant prior art.  Our firm adds tremendous value to this process because we work with the inventor to develop an in-depth understanding of the invention before ordering a search.  By narrowly tailoring the search to focus on opportunities for distinguishing it from the prior art, we provide a meaningful picture of the patent landscape.

During his tenure at Finnegan, Dr. Andrew Chadeayne directed dozens of patent searches pertaining to many of the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical products.  His combined expertise in science and patent law allows him to distill inventions down into fundamental elements having the greatest legal impact.  By organizing searches with the client’s goals in mind, Chadeayne LLC does more than search for relevant prior art––we search for ways of distinguishing our client’s invention from that prior art.

Analysis of Search Results

After conducting a search of the prior art, we use that information to understand the patent landscape surrounding our clients’ invention.  By developing a picture of the relevant prior art, we can compare multiple opportunities for fitting the invention into the patent landscape.  By understanding the various options, we can strategically define the invention, positioning it for the strongest patent claims.  After evaluating the options for positioning the invention, we determine the best strategy for drafting patent claims.