Innovation and Patent Consulting Services

Services Offered at Chadeayne LLC

Chadeayne LLC offers consulting services for companies leveraging new technology.  In particular, we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Defining a new idea and developing a patent strategy;
  • Connecting the claimed invention with its commercial embodiments;
  • Navigating the patent acquisition process;
  • Monetizing intellectual property;
  • Evaluating innovative companies for potential acquisition.

Not your lawyer. No “Legal” Services.

Chadeayne LLC is not a “patent law firm.” We do not sell patent “services.”  We do not sell legal services.
Effective May 1, 2018, Chadeayne LLC neither sells patent prosecution services nor represents clients in patent matters before the patent office.  Rather, Dr. Chadeayne functions as an advisor (or in-house Director of Innovation) for companies leveraging new technology.  Within this role, Dr. Chadeayne works alongside a company’s general counsel to select and manage the required U.S. and foreign patent and trademark attorneys.

Maximizing Patented Property

The first step to creating a strong patent is analyzing how the invention differs from the prior art.  This analysis involves searching the patent and non-patent literature for relevant disclosures, then comparing that “prior art” to the invention.  See Table of Differences
Chadeayne LLC specializes in drafting patent claims that emphasize the patentable aspects of the invention.  Our approach provides innovative companies with the greatest opportunity for securing valuable intellectual property.

Developing Arguments for Patentability

Chadeayne LLC helps inventors argue for the patentability of their inventions.  As experts in both science and patent law, we work with inventors to leverage scientific data within the context of legal arguments.  See Evidence for Patentability.