Patent Firm Seeking Technical Specialist – Chemistry – Natural Products

Job Opening – Technical Specialist at Patent Firm

Chadeayne LLC is hiring technical specialists who are fully fluent in organic chemistry, plant medicinals, and natural product chemistry.
Compensation based on experience and time commitment.  In either case the compensation is intended to be competitive with “big firms.”
The initial responsibilities for this position will involve researching the scientific literature and summarizing the chemical composition of a variety of naturally occurring organisms.  This work will be use to support a larger drug discovery and patent drafting project.
Attributes We’re Seeking:

  • Fluent with chemical nomenclature and organic molecules.
  • Demonstrated understanding in at least undergraduate level general and organic chemistry and the ability to think at the molecular level.
  • Passionate about producing clearly presented, well organized, error free written work.
  • Skilled in chemical structure searching with access to current databases.
  • Punctual – adhering to due dates, deadlines, and appointment times without requiring reminders.
  • Self-motivated, eager to learn, and good self-manager.

Start date: Ideally ASAP; but we can be somewhat patient for the right person.
To apply, please send your resume, a cover letter, and two current references to [email protected]