Science, Innovation, and Patents

Andrew ChadeayneAndrew Chadeayne, PhD, JD

Inventing Patents focuses on inventing better solutions and patenting that technology.
Our Founder and President, Andrew Chadeayne, PhD, JD is an experienced scientist, inventor, patent attorney, and entrepreneur.
Dr. Chadeayne specializes in chemical innovation, especially inventions where changing a chemical composition creates unexpected improvements in its properties.
Dr. Chadeayne studied neuroscience and chemistry at Princeton University, where he received a BA in chemistry and published pioneering work showing the addictive nature of sugar.  He earned both Masters and PhD degrees in chemistry from Cornell University. He earned a JD from the George Washington University Law School, where he won the American Bar Association’s Award for Excellence in Patent Law.
Dr. Chadeayne is currently developing several new forms of natural molecules.  He is especially interested in developing improved formulations for treating mood disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, compulsion) and pain.

Patent Focused Business Strategy

Dr. Chadeayne has designed patent portfolios for pharmaceutical, software, telecommunications, health & beauty, natural product, and supplement companies.  He has experience developing all stages of innovation– from defining the initial idea to selling a company with a patent portfolio protecting numerous embodiments of the idea.

Chemistry Focused Patent Strategy

Dr. Chadeayne specializes in evaluating and defining chemical inventions at the molecular level.   He believes that carefully studying the underlying chemistry provides opportunities for describing unique compositions of matter, such as new formulations.  We have recently developed patentable subject mater in the food, beer, cannabis, mushroom, and flavor technology spaces.