Food Patents – Can I patent a food or recipe?

Patenting Foods and Recipes

Recently the Huffington Post published an article on an ingenious new food that gets kids to eat their broccoli. When I see achievements like this, I always wonder whether the inventor filed a patent application on the new technology.
Foods are patentable, just like any other composition.  The patent laws do not distinguish a food simply because we eat it.  Rather, the law would classify food as a composition of matter.  At the United States Patent and Trademark Office, food recipes would probably fall under Patent Class 426: “Food or Edible Material.”

Can I patent food?

A new food can be patented as a composition of matter.

Food is Patentable as a Composition

Under U.S. Patent law, an inventor can patent a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter.  The food must be new, useful, not obvious, and meet the other disclosure requirements for patentability.  However, the critical point remains the same:  Food can be patented.  The patent laws do not discriminate food from any other composition of matter.

The Food Must be “New”

Only new inventions can be patented.  This is ofteatent application35 U.S.C § 102.  Often, a “new” food is difficult to distinguish from a prior art food.  For example, an inventor may struggle to differentiate a truly innovative soup from all prior art soups that came before it.  For a truly new soup, drafting a successful patent application depends on the inventor’s approach to drafting claims.

Thinking Small

A clever way to distinguish one food from another is to describe it at the molecular level.  In the soup example above, understanding how one soup differs in molecular composition would provide a powerful means for defining the differences.  Instead of arguing why certain ingredients are subjectively better, the inventor could objectively quantify the improvement.  Instead of qualitatively explaining why certain recipes are better, the inventor could point to concrete molecular differences.  Defining a food invention in terms of it’s molecular composition provides a significant advantage when arguing for patentability during patent prosecution.

Food is patentable

The greatest challenge is explaining why a new food was truly innovative.  Here, Chef Peter Wong worked with some unique combinations of ingredients at the 2012 DC Chili Cook-off in Washington, DC.

The Food Must be “Non-Obvious”

For most inventions, obviousness is the critical hurdle to getting a patent.  The non-obviousness requirement for patentability is set forth in 35 U.S.C. § 103.  In short, the inventor must show that the food would not have been a trivial or routine advance beyond other  previously disclosed foods.  This area of patent law is very complicated for a variety of reasons.  The undisputed standard for evaluating whether an invention is obvious can be found in the Supreme Court’s 1966 Graham v. John Deere decision.

The Inventor Must Adequately Disclose the Food.

In order to receive a patent, the inventor must provide a comprehensive disclosure of the invention.  The inventor must also teach the public the best way to make and use it.  In the case of a new food, the inventor must teach the public how to make it without “undue experimentation.”  The recipe must be something that can be reproduced by someone having ordinary skill in the industry.  This disclosure rbargain an inventor accepts when applying for a patent.  The inventor must give up the secret recipe in exchange for a limited period of patent protection.

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  1. Sung Park says:

    I am trying to get a patent on food.
    Please contact me for discussion.
    Thank you so much

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      Hello Sung — I am happy to hear that you are innovating in the food technology space. We will contact you to see if we can help you capture your contributions.

    • Krishna yadav says:

      can I get a patent for my mother’s recipe for a traditional food which is not so popular and known. what will be thankful advantage by patenting. is it not better to keep the recipe secrets and just sell the product.

    • Tamika Florence says:

      Hello my name is Tamika I’m trying to get some help on patent something please contact me @ [email protected]

  2. william yates says:

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    I would love to discuss about getting my food idea patented. Please contact back.

  5. Genie Patrick says:

    I am trying to learn more about your seizes and offers being I am trying to patent a sauce

  6. Genie Patrick says:

    I am trying to learn more about your service and offers being I am trying to patent a sauce

  7. Dallas Green says:

    I would like to discuss a food patent for a new type of popcorn I invented. Can someone please contact me to help see if it’s worth pursuing?

  8. Sharon says:

    I would like to speak with someone about a food item. It isn’t a new food it’s a new recipe.

  9. Mario says:

    I’m trying to see if I can patent a food, please contact me [email protected]

  10. kimberly w says:

    I would love to know more about a food patent. Please contact me with information. Thank you.

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      Hi Kim,
      Sorry for the slow response. Could you send us an email or request a consultation? That will get you a call.

  11. We have a recipe for crumbs, I have been selling it as a coating for fish and has taken off now someone wants the recipe for a 5% equity in his business, our concern can we patent this to protect the receipt before we make the deal. We live in Canada

  12. Lakeyica Darget says:

    I make really healthy but tasty soups, mostly seafood, not big on meat.Every time I do everyone loves it, even the kids. It’s full of veggies and Kids still love it.Please help, I may be on to something.

  13. Oliver Jiang says:

    Hi I would like to learn more about food patents. I have an idea that I think can be great. Thanks!

  14. Steve Cratty says:

    I have a recipe that I would like to sell please let me know what steps involved to see if I can do it

  15. Jack Alexander says:

    I have an innovative concept to alter the ingredients of an existing food product. My recipe is totally new having never before been altered. The end product has never, to my knowledge, is completely unknown. I am hoping that my concept can be granted a patent. Can you help?

  16. Luis Lebron says:

    I have been working on a sweet and spicy recipe for months that has many health benefits. I would like some assistance on learning how to patent my recipe to create a product out in the market.

  17. Lamont Howell says:

    I need some information about how to patent a food idea.

  18. sara says:

    My husband wants me to patent his ice cream recipe. how do i complete this task?

  19. Helen Nicole says:

    I also want to patent on food . can you take me a few recipes? send me your email, we discuss. oklaaa?

  20. Ramon D. Barney says:

    greetings. I have a food idea I am thinking about patenting. or marketing to a restaurant.
    Can someone help??? Thanks.

  21. I have a new type of pepper sauce which shows very good future prospects, before I take the next step, I’d like to be advised as to whether my sauce can be patented.
    I would appreciate your comments, please contact.

  22. Jasmine says:

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  28. Juan E. Jiménez says:

    I have invented a new product for household and institutional use, which I wish to patent and wish to be informed as how best to dirctly go about it since I lack the resources for hiiring a patent lawyer. Can someone out there help me.

  29. catherine Harris says:

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  30. Lali says:

    Hi, I am trying to file a food patent. Hence please contact me.

  31. sandy richardson says:

    I have a creamier twist on a favorite comfort food.

  32. Teddy says:

    Hi i am looking to patent the process of my food instead of the recipe. Is there someone on here that can help? It would be extremely appreciated.

  33. jean says:

    Hello. I would like to consult with you regarding a new food idea. Also, I am curious what country you are in.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  34. Pino says:

    “Instead of qualitatively explaining why certain recipes are better, the inventor could point to concrete molecular differences.”
    This is one of the most intriguing thing I’ve read lately! I’m trying to understand that though: it means that you need to have two very detailed laboratory analysis for both the new and the “old” recipe? It looks very expensive… Or am I getting it wrong?
    Thank you

  35. Michael Paladino says:

    I have a food idea/recipe. I’m wondering if it would be able to be patented?

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      As a general rule, you can patent a NEW chemical composition — in other words, a truly new combination of molecules or ingredients. Usually, we recommend trying to find the closest alternatives as a quick way to understand the point(s) of novelty.

  36. marie says:

    I have been making 3 different food recipes for multi purposes ( cooking and eating ) and I searched the market place for comparison so far so good. I need help securing my recipes
    thank you

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      Chadeayne LLC does this sort of work. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and whether we can help you.

  37. Leo says:

    Can a Dietary Supplement formula apply for patent?

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      Absolutely. Think of that supplement as a new combination of molecules. Provided that it hasn’t been disclosed before (it would be new) and it wouldn’t have been obvious, then that new formulation should be patentable.

  38. Renuka pradiprao Dihiye says:

    Want to patent the process of making drink from bitter orange (Citrus limetta risso)

  39. Kristin S Kasprzak says:

    Hello, I have a food item I would like to patent and sell. I am unclear if it would be approved. Can you please contact me so that I can determine if I can proceed?

  40. Roman says:

    I’m would like to patent a food please contact me

  41. JOSETE Morales-Decao says:

    i have a recipe to be patented.

  42. Irene wilson says:

    I have an old recipe that alters a present food item. Can I alter a present food item with other ingredients to enhance the flavor and sell it without repercussions of the current food item?
    Please let me know about this particular question.

  43. Ridham Walia says:

    I am looking for food patent… plz recommend!

  44. Milande estime says:

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  45. Joel Wilson says:

    I’ve been researching how to patent a recipe, we have a product line thats going to retail and there are a few new items not being currently offered in markets of Canada or the USA. I have only found two similar products but they are nothing like what we are offering.
    How do we pursue this process (if its possible) before we launch here in Vancouver BC Canada to protect our recipes.

    • Thomas Cosgrove says:

      Joel, you said in one breath that they are very similar. Than you said there nothing alike. So which is it? Can’t be the way you discribed it. Please explain that better.

      • joel says:

        The way we make the product differs in taste and recipe from the other two companies. One company in the USA ferments the product, another company in the USA packs it in a sugar syrup and I pickle the product in Canada in a salt brine. So, we have a difference. What I wanted to know is if either of the other two companies have patented the product or ‘laid claim’ to it? I’m definitely the ONLY person in Canada producing the product. We don’t sell in the USA only in Canada. Where could I find that information?

  46. Jonathan Muller says:

    I have a new recipe idea. I’ve searched the internet and couldn’t find it. I was wondering if you could contact me to see if I can patent it . Thanks.

  47. Mariah Ewing says:

    Hey I am trying to patent an idea please help

  48. I have a great recipe that, was created by my grandson. Can I Patton this recipe and how cann I advertising it? Thank you!

  49. Adrian Meneses says:

    I have a delicious new form of queso that happens to be healthy, complicated process to make so maybe it can be patented. Please contact me.

  50. Gregory Rotsenmar says:

    Hi,I have a food item I would like to patent and sell. But I don’t know What steps I have to do . Pleace Can you contact me and help.

  51. Quince says:

    How detailed do I have to be to patent an idea? Do I have to provide a prototype in order to patent it or can I just describe it generally??

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      You need to define the invention in sufficient detail to allow a person of ordinary skill in the art (to which your invention pertains) to make and use the invention. Provided that you can meet this requirement, you do NOT need a physical prototype.

  52. Alexiz Peluyera says:

    I have a food item that children will love and very easy to permanently and freeze. If someone can contact me. I would greatly appreciate it.

  53. Pamela Mason says:

    I have an recipe that I’ve been making for years everyone loves it . I would love to talk to someone about it .

  54. Jennifer says:

    I have a great new idea for a good product please contact me.

  55. Sarah says:

    Could someone contact me about a food patent idea/question?

  56. Dina Medeiros says:

    I have an old family recipe I would like to patent, please contact me.

  57. Hello,
    I’m almost filed patent for “Honeycomb baked waffles”
    and I’m looking a way how monetize this asset. I would appresiate for any sugesting.
    Anatoliy Omelchenko

  58. Lorena says:

    I have a vegan resepy that I like to patent, can some one contact me? Please !

  59. A.M. says:

    Hi, I just read your article but I still have a question. Without disclosing too much, I am looking to patent a certain type of food made for certain animals. I am at a loss, however, for whether I might qualify for a utility patent or design patent (or both, if that’s even possible)?
    I know nobody can give me certain help without knowing what the product is, so my question is just with regard to food patents in general…are they typically given design or utility patents? (Sorry for the dumb question–it’s the end of a long day and my brain is kind of mush right now.
    TIA people.

    • Andrew Chadeayne says:

      At a high level: If you are thinking of a new composition — then a utility patent would probably be appropriate.

  60. Ellis Dianne says:

    Since I’m allergic to sugar, I made a non-sugar granola using a non-sugar honey granola. If I’m to sell this, I thought I needed a patent to help regulate the users of this recipe. I also thought that this recipe would help others with this same allergy or that they would be diabetic. Please advise me on what I need in order to help me to control this. Thank you for your time. Dianne

  61. Kellie Hatcher says:

    Hi , I also have a recipe of I have only cooked for my family very few friends . Have made them all swear to keep to them self until I find out if I patent so fourth . Everyone tells me would be the newest biggest Carnival Fair event food even perfect for any dinner or snack .
    Please contact me & I am very excited . Looking forward to sharing with the world .
    Thank you very much .
    Kellie Hatchr

  62. Brittni smith says:

    I have a candy idea for a major candy company but I want to patent my candy idea before presenting my idea to the company so that if they like my idea and decide to go forward with making my candy idea a reality I get credit & royalties for the sales.

  63. Dave says:

    I have a BBQ sauce I would like to patent .
    I plan on having a spice and sauce company produce the BBQ sauce , but do not want the recipe to be copied .

  64. Tricia says:

    I have a food idea combination that I have never heard being put together, to create a unique sandwich. Is it possible to patent a food item such as this using existing known foods? If yes, should it have a name? EXAMPLE: Burger King has The Whopper. This sandwich uses existing food items, but combines them like no other burger joint. Is The Whopper patented?

  65. Lucie Clark says:

    I would like to hear more on how to patent salsas or hot sauces.

  66. Barbara Cross says:

    Hi! I have an ancient recipe that is the favorite for a whole country in South America. I would like to patent this recipe and share it. Thank you !

  67. Kimberly Escobar says:

    Hello, my mom has had this meat softener juice and she believes that is something that hasn’t been done before, and she was wondering what the process would be to patent it and make it something useful for others.
    Thank you!

  68. Tiffany says:

    Hello I believe I have a new food that hasn’t been done before that my Dad would make for me as a kid I am trying to find out of it’s a patentable item Thank you [email protected]

  69. Jorinda Vide says:

    Good evening,
    I am trying to patent a pudding recipe. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you!
    [email protected]

  70. M. Lica says:

    I am a single mother looking to secure the future of my children and myself. I developed a recipe, new “twist” on very popular food that can be eaten as a snack or a meal. Anyone I have served it to has expressed their appreciation by smacking their lips and asking for more.
    I would like to bring it to the market as a convenience food in the frozen food section, but need to know if I can patent it first. I would also like to know if it might be more profitable for me to bring it to investors, manufacture and market it or to sell it to a large corporation. Despite my “twist” per change of this food, it is important to note that this is a food that is eaten every day by millions of people worldwide.

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