Andrew Chadeayne

Andrew Chadeayne, PhD, JD

Andrew Chadeayne brings together expertise in science, entrepreneurship, and patents. Dr. Chadeayne is a PhD chemist, inventor, patent attorney, and founder of multiple profitable companies.

Scientific Expert – Neuroscience and Chemistry

Dr. Chadeayne is an accomplished scientist.  He earned BA in chemistry from Princeton University in 2001 and a PhD in chemistry from Cornell University in 2006.

At Princeton, Dr. Chadeayne published work in neuroscience, showing the addictive nature of sugar.  See Sugar on the Brain

At Cornell, he worked with virtually every naturally occurring element on the periodic table, publishing work in organic synthesis, inorganic synthesis, surface science, and materials science.  His training under Peter T. Wolczanski left him with a true mastery in the art of breaking problems down to their fundamental mechanisms.  As later described by his colleagues in patent law, “Andrew is the guy you call with your hard science questions.”

Dr. Chadeayne has served as an expert witness in chemical cases

Experienced Innovator and Entrepreneur

Dr. Chadeayne is an inventor on numerous chemical patents, some of which have served as the basis for profitable companies.  For example, Dr. Chadeayne is the founder of SwimSpray, LLC, which utilizes his patented vitamin C technology to eliminate swimmers’ longstanding chlorine problems.  Dr. Chadeayne tells his story of inventing SwimSpray in the video below:

Experienced Patent Practitioner

Dr. Chadeayne received his law degree from the George Washington University Law School, where he studied patent law under Randall R. Rader, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  He was awarded the American Bar Association’s award for excellence in patent law in 2011.

Dr. Chadeayne has 12 years experience as a patent practitioner, working with innovators of all sizes–-ranging from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to independent inventors. He began his career at Finnegan, LLP  (a Tier One IP Law Firm), where he was trained in patent prosecution by Charles E. Van Horn.  Thereafter, Dr. Chadeayne founded a patent prosecution business, which he ran through 2018.

Presently, Dr. Chadeayne focusses on studying and improving chemical technologies.  His practice is divided between (1) developing inventions internally; and (2) consulting for companies within the innovation space.