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Chadeayne LLC helps inventors patent their inventions.  Our firm specializes in getting patents.  We focus on one thing: turning your product or idea into patented property.  Our Founder and President, Andrew Chadeayne, PhD, JD is an experienced scientist, patent lawyer, and inventor.  He holds a BA in chemistry from Princeton University, both Masters and PhD degrees in chemistry from Cornell University, and a JD from the George Washington University Law school, where he won the American Bar Association’s Award for Excellence in Patent Law.

Scientific and Business-Minded Patent Strategy

At Chadeayne LLC, we have experience inventing, patenting, and commercializing technology.  Dr. Chadeayne has designed patent portfolios for pharmaceutical, software, telecommunications, health and beauty, and supplement companies. He presently serves as President for the health and beauty company, SwimSpray LLC.  He also serves on the Board of Advisors for a Seattle-based software company hoping to make patent drafting easier and more affordable for start-up inventors.

In contrast to merely processing an application, Chadeayne LLC works with the inventor to better understand the invention and how it fits into the patent landscape.  We develop a strategy which presents technical information in the most legally favorable way, often identifying new embodiments of the technology, which can be added to the client’s application.

Patent Strategy for Startup Companies

For technology companies, the idea usually comes first.  Over time, the company develops that idea into a product or service, which makes the business worthwhile.  Although development can take place over years, the patent process must begin early.

Beginning the patent process early is critical to successfully attaining patents.  Under virtually all patent laws, an inventor has only one year (or less) to file patent applications.  After that time, the invention is lost.  It becomes dedicated to the public domain–a free transfer of intellectual property to the competitor/

Chemical Expert Defining “Chemical Aspects” of the Invention

Chadeayne LLC specializes in evaluating and defining chemical inventions at the molecular level.   Dr. Chadeayne believes that carefully studying the underlying chemistry provides opportunities for describing unique compositions of matter, such as new formulations.  For example we have recently developed patentable subject mater in the food, beer, cannabis, and flavor technology spaces.  By analyzing all aspects of the invention, Chadeayne LLC ensures that the invention receives maximal legal protection and value.

How to Patent Your Invention – What to Expect

Chadeayne LLC will handle everything required to get a patent on your idea.  The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Study all available information about the invention, including the state of the art.
  2. Interview the inventor about specific points.
  3. Draft patent claims, defining the invention.  Discuss with the inventor.
  4. Draft patent application supporting the claims. Discuss with the inventor.
  5. File patent application with the patent office(s).
  6. Argue for patentability at the patent office(s).

Throughout this process, Chadeayne LLC focusses on defining the invention to the broadest extent possible. Maintaining the full scope of the invention allows for future pivots and helps clients grow their technology beyond a specific product or prototype.

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Patent Search and Analysis

The first step to creating a strong patent is understanding how the invention differs from the prior art. This involves searching the patent and non-patent literature for relevant disclosures, then analyzing the search results and comparing them to the invention. Chadeayne LLC advises inventors on the most effective way to describe the invention by determining the best opportunities for distinguishing it from the prior art.

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Drafting Patent Claims

Patent claims define the inventor’s property. Chadeayne LLC specializes in drafting claims that emphasize the patentable aspects of the invention. Our services provide the inventor with the most property possible. By analyzing the technical differences between the state of the art and the invention, we develop a claim strategy that emphasizes the patentable aspects of the invention.

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Patent Application Drafting

In order to receive a patent, the applicant must meet a variety of legal requirements. The patent application must completely describe the invention and teach the public how to make and use it. Chadeayne LLC’s application drafting services provide expertise in both science and patent law.

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Prosecution of the Patent Application

Chadeayne LLC provides unsurpassed legal arguments for patentability. As experts in both science and patent law, we identify unique opportunities for using scientific analysis to support legal arguments. Our services include representing inventors in all dealings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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